• How much are your cakes? How much are your dessert environments?

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Due to the personal nature of each design, each of my cakes are priced and quoted individually. Just send a message of what you’re thinking, along with the servings you will need, and I’d be happy to give you an estimate. After an estimate is reached, a deposit of half of the estimated cost is required to confirm your order and secure your date on the calendar. All of our cakes, both wedding and celebration, begin at 23.00 dollars per slice. They go up according to the degree of design work on the cake. Each cake takes many hours to create and is completely customized to each client. The final price estimate will take into account: the size and servings of your cake, the complexity of the detail and design work, applicable sales tax, and the hours of work needed to complete your creation. Our minimum order is $2000.00.

Dessert tables and environments are custom fit to the personality of each bride, couple, or party host. They can begin as one singular table at your event and move up to larger stations with multiple tables, an immersive environment in the round, fit with custom builds, custom linens or curated display pieces, backgrounds, customized dessert offerings, tent, or a bevy of ornate fresh floral arrangements. We are happy to consult with your planner and florist, even if that’s only to give advice. As they are so individualized, there is no set price scale for these. An idea on price range, custom builds can begin at $1500.00 and move up accordingly to the design needed Dessert coordination and environment starts at 4,000.00.

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