• Ok, I definitely want to work together. How do we get started?

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We can get started right away! I would love to see your inspiration images, hear about the vision of your event, and know your wedding or event date and guest count. To begin, I check the event date to see if it is available in the calendar. I also send beginning price estimates based on your guest count and initial ideas, this can be done at anytime for any order inquiry. Take some time to consider your style, why do you like what you like?

Think about what you want. Romantic, Colorful, Sleek, Contemporary, or Fun? Describe it to me, use lots of descriptive sentences and adjectives. The same goes for celebration or sculpted cakes. I have a good imagination. Inspiration images can include overall event inspiration, color palettes, floral inspirations, venue images etc. Cake images may also be included to determine base direction, however, The Mischief Maker does not copy cakes by anyone else in the industry. Each is custom designed for the client and designs are not repeated twice. I also like to hear about your personality. Some things to include could be: what kind of person you are, your interests, and what you like generally, aesthetically and otherwise.

These images can be emailed to me at mischiefmakerdesserts@gmail.com or shared via secret Pinterest boards. This will start the brainstorming back and forth. I will then send you imagery and ideas that come to mind. While images are the quickest way to someone’s heart, I have designed a cake based on no initial imagery. Instead, we began with an eloquently written full-page description of the feeling the bride wanted to evoke in the event. We started from there, working and selecting colors/elements that met the imagined vibe she was going for, to each his own.

← • Ok, I definitely want to work together. How do we get started?