08 Jan 2018 In

More “brilliant” designs from the Birthday Mischief Managed collaboration, this time focused on some of most memorable events from the series…

If you haven’t seen any of our other posts, or seen any mention of these on interwebs already, the Birthday Mischief Managed collaboration was developed to celebrate J.K. Rowling’s (and Harry Potter’s) birthday. Organized by Michelle “Chef Mitchie” Curran of Mitchies Munchies and Suzanne Neri-Medal of CAKELDY the cakes created by the group are a birthday gift to J.K. Rowling and Potter fans around the world. Fans are encouraged to share their own edible creations and birthday greetings using the following hashtags so the group may share in return: #BirthdayMischief, #JKR50, #HBDJK, #HBDHarry. You can find the Birthday Mischief Managed group online at:
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“The iconic scene of Mr. Weasley’s flying car in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was my inspiration,” said Alex Narramore of Mischief Makers Desserts. The 2-foot-long sculpted cake is completely edible, except for the head- and taillights and the flavor was inspired by the Butterbeer The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. “It is suspended,” added Alex, “even though it weighs nearly 40 pounds! I wanted the overall feel to have an illustrative quality, representing both the look of the books and the movie.”

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