Magical Ways to Include Even More Disney in Your Wedding Day

08 Jan 2018 In

Four wedding and celebration cakes featured.

  • • “This gorgeously decadent wedding cake has all the elements that make it fit for a princess, from the gold embellishments, to the sweeping floral arrangements to the delightful monogrammed plate.”
  • • “This super cute Cinderella wedding cake features all of Cinderella’s critter friends for an adorable take on wedding bakes.”
  • • “We all remember the scene in Sleeping Beauty where the three fairies compete to make Aurora the birthday cake of their dreams, resulting in a wonky cake in a mis-match of colours.
  • • If you love the scene as much as we do, why not recreate the infamous cake for your wedding day? Guests are guaranteed to be amazed by how the cake can balance.”
  • • “This gorgeous stained glass inspired cake immediately made us think of Beauty and the Beast. The poppies add another beautiful element to this bake.”

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